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     Preschool Childcare

Fort Wayne, IN Christian Preschool and Child Care

Kiddie Prep School is a local Christian school located in Northern Fort Wayne, IN. Our school is focused on providing an enriching and engaging learning environment for children ages 2-12. Whether you are searching for a local  preschool or child care center, we are pleased to provide a stellar education for your child. Our center has been accredited by the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) and we hold the highest level of excellence (Level 4) with Paths to Quality.

Kiddie Prep School | Christian Preschool | Fort Wayne

A Caring and Loving Environment

At Kiddie Prep School, your child will be lovingly cared for in a genuinely nurturing and caring environment. We focus on the individual learning styles of each child so they can grow and excel in their own way. Our curriculum recognizes three distinct learning styles which include visual, auditory, and kinesthetic. Each program integrates a variety of activities that strengthen cognitive development, eye-hand coordination, perceptual skills, motor skills, and more. Our goal is to give each child a stimulating environment with all of the engaging resources needed to engender a love of learning that lasts a lifetime.

Our Preschool is a full day program available to children ages 2-5.  Each classroom focuses on age appropriate skills in order to make sure each child is prepared for kindergarten. Teachers complete assessments at the beginning of the school year or upon entering our program, and again before Parent/Teacher Conferences in the Spring, in order to document each child\’s progress.

Our staff is required to continue their education in order to maintain the highest standards of early learning in the classroom.  As a team, we are continually learning how a child\’s brain develops, so we are able to utilize the most effective teaching methods in the classroom.